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Please, visit our Measurements Guide for more detailed information.

The shipping process may take up to two weeks (fifteen business days). *You will be responsible for shipping charges in case you need to return the shoes. Our shoes are manufactured by expert artisans who take their time to make your Milena’s Designs Shoes with the highest quality possible. You will be notified once we have generated a tracking number for your order.

There is a general rule that applies to heels in the dancing world: The narrower and the higher the heel, the more experienced you ought to be to wear it. For more detailed information visit our Heel Style section.

Send us an email to requesting for the tracking number. We will get back to you soon afterward.

Yes! We can’t stress enough how important this is. For our Return Policy to be valid, it is crucial that you send the measurements first. Although you may have provided a regular shoe size in your order, (e.g. 8) that size alone does not guarantee the fit of your shoes. If you do not send in the measurements – consequently deciding to order a standard size – and it turns out that the shoes do not fit well, the Return Policy will not apply. Please, refer to our Measurements Guide for further information.

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A shoe Last is the mold around which the upper part of the shoe is built. The shoe Last is, if made with the right measurements, a representation of your foot, an identical replica. For that reason, having a custom made Last would help us make as many shoes as you want without having to worry about a possible mis-fit. But do not worry!! Once you give us your feet outline, we will select the shoe Last that is the closest to being a replica of your feet. For more information on this regard, visit our Shoe Last section.

This is set out on our Returns Policy Page

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